Convert cm to foot

What is cm in foot? - Are you a person trying to convert Centimeter to foot? You have landed at the right place! Our tool can convert cm to foot at ease without any time delays! We consider the traditional calculation where cm equals 0.0328 foot. Hence to convert it to foot, we divide 1 by 30.48. On the other hand, if you are looking to convert cm to foot inches, remember that 1 cm equals 0 foot, 0.3937 Inches.

Foot(plural: feet) Means - plural of the unit of measurement is feet. Also, foot is the lowermost point/terminal part/ankle joint of the human leg.


Centimeters to foot (cm to foot)

1 cm = 0.0328 foot

Centimeters to foot and Inches (cm to foot inches)

1 cm = 0 foot, 0.3937 Inches

(rounded to 4 digits)

How to Calculate cm to foot?

CM to Foot Formula

foot = cm / 30.48

cm = 1

foot = 1 / 30.48

foot = 0.03280839895

How to Convert cm to foot?

Step 1: To convert cm into foot, you should remember that a foot equals to cm divided value of 30.48.

Step 2: cm divide the vale by 30.48.

Step 3: 1/30.48 is equal to 0.03280839895.

Step 4: Hence, the answer is cm = 0.03280839895 foot.